1. itooamharvard:

    Are you…

    Interested in discussing issues of race and advocacy on college campuses?
    Inspired by campaigns such as I, Too, Am Harvard?
    Want to know how to better your inner activist?
    Then get ready to join the movement and register for 
    I, Too, Am Harvard’s

    Oct. 10 - Oct. 12

    Registration opens tomorrow on Friday, August 8th.
    For more information please see the I, Too, Am Harvard Blacktivism Conference Page**
    And spread the word by inviting others on the Facebook event page!
    Yours in solidarity,
    I, Too, Am Harvard Team
    **If viewing itooamharvard.com from a mobile device, please scroll to the bottom and press ‘view on desktop’

  2. Thank you to the panelists who spoke truth in love, and blessed us all with their honesty.

    If you missed the We Are All Calvin Forum check it out!


  3. Check out our feature on Mlive! 

    The discussion has already begun. Don’t miss out!


  4. We Are [All] Calvin Forum

    Join us in the Chapel Sanctuary for the WE ARE ALL CALVIN forum, on Monday, April 28th, at 6pm

    The event is free and open to Calvin students, faculty, and staff.

    Come be a part of a riveting discussion about who We Are Calvin [Too] are, and why we’re here.


  5. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  6. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  7. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  8. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  9. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  10. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  11. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  12. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  13. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  14. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


  15. #WeAreCalvinToo Photo Campaign


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